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Woods Lake Series

Welcome to Woods Lake, a small town outside a big city, where lifelong friendships are formed and happily ever after still exists. The Woods Lake series is a series of connected standalone novels with recurring characters. Each book tells the story of one couple including their happily ever after. The books can be read in any order.


Gracie's is a fake relationship novella series. Each novella is a standalone story featuring employees and customers at Gracie's bar. While each story tells one couple's story, you will see those characters throughout the other books in the series.


The Forever Series is a small-town, second-chance romance series featuring standalone novellas. Each novella tells one couple's story and while they are numbered for timeline order, they can be read in any order and contain each couple's complete story. Characters are recurring across the series and you will see them in each other's books which is why the series is numbered for timeline. Choosing Forever is the Forever Series collection and includes all three novellas and an exclusive bonus story.


When Kris and Jonathan are assigned to team up on a year-long project, their non-work talk lunch rule develops into a friendship that feels like more. Can Kris trust him enough to tell him why she doesn’t go to her hometown and the secret she’s been keeping from almost everyone that knew her before she moved to San Francisco?

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Holidays in Camden

Holidays in Camden in a small-town romance series. Each book features a different holiday.

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