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Welcome to the official website of Author JLynn Autumn. JLynn Autumn is a part-time writer who dreams of the day she can be a full-time writer. She’s a lifelong bookworm. She’s a reader, a writer, and an advocate. She’s passionate about social justice, education reform, and special education service equity. She is married to her “game changer.” The man who showed her that being made a priority and treated with respect should be the standard not the exception. They have one daughter, who is sassy, bossy, opinionated, and keeps them on their toes. JLynn Autumn thinks coffee is a magic liquid that brings her to life most mornings; pizza and tacos should be their own food group; late nights are always better than early mornings; houseplants are a waste of space and will always be forgotten about and die; and that poodles and poodle mixes are the best pets. She’s a huge fan of snark, sarcasm, and happily ever after in real life and in books.


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JLynn has dreamed of writing since she was a child. She has notebooks filled with stories she's written. She has always done the safe thing and that guaranteed and went for a career with long-term job security, but it lacked the passion. She created website content and blog articles for others as "side jobs" to try to meet the craving she had for writing. When everything fell apart in 2020, she felt a push to take the leap and do it. Finally write. Just write. Write all the time. She pulled out partially completed pieces and started working on them. Two months later, she had completed her first novel which she is self-publishing in September, 2020.


Game Changer

September 14, 2020

Available for e-book pre-order now. Paperback release date TBD

E-Book release date: 9/14/2020

After breaking up with her boyfriend of 6 years, Kris accepted a transfer to her company’s San Francisco office fulfilling her childhood dream of living in her favorite city.

Jonathan works 80-100 hours a week most weeks and no woman he’s ever met has understood or accepted that. He likes the idea of a long-term relationship, but never seemed to have time for anything more than a few weeks before work got in the way.

Kris and Jonathan are assigned to team up on a year-long project. When their non-work talk lunch rule develops into the start of a friendship, but feel like they want more. Can Kris trust him enough to tell him why she doesn’t go to her hometown and the secret she’s been keeping from almost everyone that knew her before she moved to San Francisco?
“I leaned forward toward her and whispered, “I really want to kiss you. It’s becoming harder and harder to remain professional when we are together.”
She looked up at me and leaned in, “I really want you to kiss me.”
“I learned that it took me eight kisses to get from his ear to his shoulder and that when I nibbled on his lower lip, his natural reaction was to laugh and pull me closer. I learned that if I straddled his lap and ground into him, her groaned a low growl. I learned that I had never been kissed the way he kissed me.”
First Reader Reviews:
"Book boyfriends are the best. Damn he's such a good guy. Planning a guys day at the ballpark while the women have a spa day."

"He's quickly becoming one of my favorite book boyfriends ever."
"I want to be Kris. To go through what she did in a previous relationship, but come out so strong and then to meet someone who loves her so completely. Kris and Jonathan are relationship goals. I want to live in this book even just for a day."


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