Book Review: Faultline by Mia Michele

Title: Faultline

Author: Mia Michele

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Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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When given the opportunity to read “Faultline,” I jumped at it because it was a book that was right up my alley as a reader: steamy story, dual perspective books, and mafia romance. There’s a lot of mafia romance on the market. Honestly, the dark/mafia romance genre is flooded with books, but it’s rare to find one that completely captivates me from the start.

I started out thinking Lexie would be too shy and timid to accomplish her goal of infiltrating the mafia family she believed had murdered her father, but that was blown out of the water almost right away. The story was off and going taking me in an unexpected direction. Instead of working as a waitress trying to overhear information, she was thrown into the arms of the boss. I expected Gio to be rough and rude, which at times he was because he needed to be in his line of work, but he was also sexy, kind, and loving. He became the bad boy that you want to hate, but you can’t help but love. Add to it that he has a wild and adventurous side in the bedroom and a sexy playroom, and I never wanted the story to end.

“Faultline” is told in three parts. The first from Lexie’s POV. The second from Gio’s. The last part is told in alternating POV. Reading the story from multiple POVs can feel overwhelming when you go into the book, especially considering how long the book is, but I can’t imagine it told any other way because each POV is integral to the story. Usually, I like my books to be quick and dirty. I have learned from reading Mia’s other books that this isn’t her style. She has a talent for long, detailed, captivating stories that read like a quicky. I quickly fell into the story and melted into the pages, not realizing how much time was passing while I ignored life’s distractions and enjoyed the story. “Faultline” is likely the best mafia romance

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