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Conversations with Characters - Getting to Know Joey

First, I wanted to take a moment this morning and thank everyone for such a great release for "I Never Stopped Loving You" and to let you know that the first two books in Woods Lake Series are still on sale until January 19th. Grab them here, if you don't have them already. Two weeks ago, I wrote a post about why Joey's character was so special to me and you learned that I loosely based him on a friend. Read that entire post here.

Last week, we got to know Ally in her interview. I almost skipped a getting to know Joey post, but then he got vocal and demanded an interview.

What do you want people to know about you before they read your book or now that they've read it? Joey - I think when they get to the breakup some people are going to be really mad. I want them to know that even though it hurt and it was hard, I'm not mad at her. I know I said that in the book, but I'm sure that there are people who are angry or will be angry about it.

Me - There are, I've already received comments.

Joey - I'm not mad at her and I don't want anyone else to be. Look at all that was going on the last time we were together. Look at the dates on the letters she was sending and how much she was sending versus how much she was hearing from me. I think when you put it all together, you understand why. She reached her breaking point.

I've had a few people ask about why we don't see anything about your time when you're not with Ally, not just during your breakup, but when you're dating and you're deployed or in Tennessee. Why?

My time deployed or when I was in Tennessee and she was home isn't our ove lstory and it didn't need to be shared. There were things I could talk about in the book and things I couldn't. My work stuff not only wasn't our story but wasn't something I wanted to share.

Let's end today's conversation with a quick getting to know you game. We learn in your book that you'd rather be playing the guitar than reading books, but that you also spent time reading books that Ally and Jenna sent you and traded books with Brady and other team members. Let's get to know your reading and music likes.

Do you consider yourself a reader? Not really. I read to pass time and to escape my reality. I liked reading books that Ally was reading or had read and writing to her about them. Before meeting her, I read, but just as an escape. Favorite genre? Mystery and Thriller Favorite book? Highway Series by CJ Box Favorite author? John Grishman, CJ Box, and Harlan Coben are my top 3 Music, TV, or silence while reading? Music. Always music whenever I can have it. Favorite snack while reading? Chocolate chip cookies Favorite genre of music? That's impossible. Top 3: alternative, anything 90s, and anything with an Ally memory Favorite movie? I love the cheesy car race movies so Fast & Furious movies even though they defy the laws of physics so many times. Give me anything with a nice car and I'm happy. I also love movies with great soundtracks so Reality Bites, Empire Records, and Cruel Intentions. Favorite Ally memory? This is impossible because I love every memory. Top 3: Our first day at the lake, our wedding, and our trip to the coast in California (that doesn't happen until book 6) Final question. No one will be surprised that your book has music references because you are our music guy. Which song has your favorite memory? 'Home' by Blue October because from the day I met her, Ally was my home.

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