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Conversations with Characters - Introduction to Series

Welcome to the new blog series "Conversations with Characters." I often joke that I write what the voices in my head tell me to, but it's true. I might start off with one idea for a book and the characters lead me in an entirely new direction. Sometimes I'm working on one project and a character gets really chatty and I need to step away from my project, write a bit for the chatty character and then dive back in.

I've been sharing these experiences on my Facebook author page Author JLynn Autumn and in my fan chat group Jabbering with JLynn. A few people commented that I should start a blog series or write a book all about the conversations I have with characters. I'm not sure I want to write a full book, but the blog series sounded fun.

The first couple of posts will be quickly catching everyone up on the things I've shared other places and then going forward, the conversations will be shared on the blog first and links to it will be dropped in the group so no one misses out on all the fun.

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