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Conversations with Characters - Marco

I shared part of this on my Facebook author page at the end of November, as part of an "Ask Me Anything" post. It's a good background before we jump in and start talking to Marco.

Fan Question:

I've read everything you've written. One thing stands out that I'm curious about. Why is Marco and Jenna's story the only book not dual perspective? Will any others be single perspective? Will you ever write Marco and Jenna's story from Marco's perspective?


Great question. I didn't start out planning a dual perspective for any of the books. The first draft of Game Changer was all Kris, and something was missing, so I went in and added Jonathan's perspective to a few months, loved it, and did each month that way.

I never planned for Woods Lake to be a dual perspective, and Marco has been a very quiet character when I'm writing. For so many reasons, their story was very much Jenna's story to tell because she shares so much of her past. I feel like we get to know Marco through her.

He's also the most recurring character in the other books. We may not ever get his perspective in a book, but we definitely get to know him throughout the series.

For your second question, I'm not sure. Joey and Ally's story is a dual perspective, not equal, though, it's Joey heavy.

Right now, other than when he got very loud and made it clear he's the one Shauna ends up with instead of who I was planning, Shauna's person has been fairly quiet, so their book could end up single perspective or will likely be Shauna heavy.

I have a few scenes from Tony's book, and they're all his perspective, but I have a feeling once it's time to work on that book, things will change. I can't imagine their book not being a dual perspective, but I let the characters choose so they could surprise me.

I'm open to writing the books either way, and it really depends on what works for the characters.

As for writing book 1 from Marco's perspective, most likely not. I really feel like their story was told well being from Jenna's perspective. The only way I could see that happening is if it was a prequel story, telling about their childhood/teenager years. I could see that being a short story posted on the website but not a complete book. _________________________________________________________

I thought that would be the end of this question, but Marco got chatty after posting it. He's not chatty very often. He's probably my quietest character.

Marco - I do not like the idea of retelling our book from my perspective. That's a no from me. No way, not happening.

Me - I'm 100% on board with that idea. I feel like your story was told well through Jenna, and we got a bit more about you and your feelings about her in conversations with Jesse in book 2 and will get more in conversations with Joey in book 4.

Marco - Our story has always been Jenna's to tell, and I'm okay with that. The idea of a short story for the website sounds fun. I like the idea of telling more of Ricky's story through memories, and I'd be down for that.

Me - Good to know. I'm a little busy right now, so maybe after I get some other projects done.

Marco - Maybe a summer short story website post. That could be fun. By the way, Will's going to be talking to you. He has a book idea.

Me - Idea for someone else or him?

Marco - him.

Me - You have got to be kidding me. He's only mentioned in passing on Christmas and shows up as a mention in another book. I wasn't really planning for him to be a recurring character or to end up with a story. Marco - Did you really plan any of us? Wasn't the first draft of my book written in the middle of the night when you were trying to finish edits on "Game Changer" and had horrible insomnia?

Me - True. I didn't know who Jenna was when she showed up, and suddenly I had a really rough draft of your story and a whole new set of characters.

Marco - Well, Will's going to get chatty, and his idea is great. It's totally different than the rest of our Woods Lake stories. You should write it.

Me - I'll think about it, depending on what it is.

Marco - By the way, the book you are planning for the last book really should happen soon in the series.

Me - We'll see. I'm thinking about swapping the last two, and now apparently, I have to figure out if I'm doing something for Will.

Marco - You will, and it's going to be fun. You're never going to guess who he wants his story with?

Me - I have no idea who it could be.

Marco - Good. It's more fun that way.


It looks like Woods Lake is getting another story. You'll learn a little more about Will in an upcoming book and then eventually in his. Who knows, maybe he'll show up in other planned books.

Marco and Jenna's story is found in "It's Always Been You" and is available in paperback and ebook. It's part of Kindle Unlimited.

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