Hot Damn! I need a cool shower after this one.

I finished Pent Up, by Mae Harden and it was off the charts smokin' hot. I can't wait for y'all to be able to read it. It's available May 6th and you are going to want to pre-order. My only warning is it might set your Kindles on fire because it's that hot. I have never understood when someone has said that they want to dive into the pages of the book and live in that world. I have never wanted to change places with a character and tell I read this book. Can I please be Julia? Not because her life is sunshine and roses, because even in fiction, I don’t want that life. I want Mateo. The boy she grew up with, turned Navy Seal badass, who has the gift of dirty talk.

Oh, my word, I have never needed to take breaks to cool off until I read this book. Hand me a fan. Someone give me a cold drink. Can I please get one of those fancy Kindles that is waterproof, so I can just stand in a cool shower? If you love romance books with dirty talking, protector male leads, this is the book for you.

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